Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cara Download Youtube Untuk Browser Firefox

Cara download Youtube untuk pengguna internet dengan browser Firefox bisa dilakukan dengan menginstal Add-On pengunduh video Youtube. Cara ini dinilai lebih praktis dan mudah dilakukan karena tidak memerlukan pengaturan tertentu hanya butuh ketelitian agar hasil download sesuai dengan jenis video yg ingin diunduh. Dan berikut adalah langkah untuk mengunduh video Youtube. 1. Setelah browser Firefox terbuka, lihat ke sebelah atas browser lalu klik Tools -> Add On kalau untuk yang berbahasa Indonesia klik Perangkat -> Pengaya. Tunggu sebentar karena akan membuka tab baru disebelah kanan tab yang aktif. Lihat gbr berikut spy lebih jelas.

2. Selanjutnya ketik Youtube di kotak pencarian lalu tunggu sebentar. Setelah hasil pencarian terbuka maka pilih dan instal add on Easy Youtube Video Downloader. Tunggu sebentar karena Anda akan dibawa ke jendela/tab baru lagi di samping sebelah kanan tab aktif. Setelah itu klik add on yang FREE VERSION dan Anda akan langsung menuju ke website Youtube.com

3. Dalam mencari video yang ingin didownload dari Youtube, maka cukup mengetik kata tertentu dalam kotak pencarian yang hasilnya adalah sejumlah video yang berhubungan dengan kata yg diketikkan tersebut. Adapun cara download video Youtube dapat dilihat di gambar berikut dan pilih video dan jenis file videonya apakah memakai format MP3, MP4 dan seterusnya sesuai keinginan.

4. Hasil download bisa dilihat dengan cara klik Tool -> Options -> General -> Save Files to (folder itulah yang menyimpan file video hasil download). Bila bingung mencari hasil download (karena internetan lewat warnet, maka sebaiknya tanyakan ke penjaga warnetnya). Semoga cara download Youtube bermanfaat!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Prevent Colds

Before moving to the How To Prevent Cough Colds, Coughs colds note that the disease is most often experienced by people and is easily spread, especially for children. Generally, cough and cold spread through droplets of bacteria or viruses that fly through the air.
It is estimated there are about 200 types of viruses that can cause colds. Adults will experience a cold about 2-5 times a year, while children can be 5-10 times a year. Do the math .. bener ga?
1. Hand WashingMany Benefits to practice this one. Most of the flu virus is spread through direct contact, thus becomes the most important thing for washing hands with soap or antibacterial solution and water. And also avoid rubbing the eyes or nose if you do not wash their hands.
2. Drink Plenty of WaterThis recipe is one of the parents is quite patent. Usually when there is tanda2 will try to multiply the consumption of cough and cold Water, even better when in a warm drink.
3. Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smokeInhaled cigarette smoke can irritate the throat so that it will aggravate the symptoms. And sharing experience also showed that heavy smokers will experience a more severe flu illness.
4. Bring a tissue while travelingKeep a tissue that can be used when in a public place or around other people, and keep a distance from people who have symptoms of cough and cold. The first three days are the most contagious time.
5. Lets do it when the saunaWhen the sauna then a person will breathe in the heat over 80 degrees celsius. This temperature will be too hot for the virus to survive. But do not be too long to do sauna to avoid side effects.
6. Get plenty of restStress and lack of rest can lower your immune system making it easier to catch the disease. Rest enough and try not to sleep deprivation. Because when you sleep, the brain will relax and recharge your body and fight any infection.
7. Eating certain foodsGreen leafy vegetables such as spinach and fruits such as oranges are rich in vitamins can provide nutrients and vitamins that help the body fight infection and boost immunity. Some foods known to be useful to treat a cough like a raw onion is useful eliminate phlegm, turmeric root for dry cough and a cup of grape juice mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey is recommended for treating coughs.
8. Avoid junk foodEating junk food can make the body become weak and susceptible to disease. Therefore, avoid these foods, but replace it with vegetables and fruits for better immunity.
9. Perform aromatherapyThe principle of aromatherapy is to smell different. By inhaling the vapors can effectively dilute the mucus and reducing irritation, and inhalation of essential oils can stimulate the lungs to expel phlegm.
10. ExerciseRegular exercise can make the body get fresh air and boost the immune system.May be useful

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why does the Keyboard Letter Order No. A, B, C, D, E, and so on ... This answer is ..

Have you ever asked why the arrangement of letters in a typewriter keyboard, computer, PDA up to us in the form of "QWERTYUIOP" and so on? Why not be any sequence such as "ABCDEFGH" and so on? Maybe some of you already know the story, but in case you do not know me copy and paste here.That said, the keyboard has been created since 1860an by Sholes and Dunsmore. Originally they were made sequentially in alphabetical order.  

However, gradually with increasing the ability of (custom) user, typing speed becomes faster when the mechanism of the engine while it is still simple. As a result, (line) given to the frequent traffic jams and hinder the work.

Based on their experience, eventually drafted a keyboard made deliberately complicated and inefficient so that the keyboard is not easy JAMMED. Typewriter design was then sold to the Remington to be mass produced in 1873. The arrangement is divided into four rows, the top line of "23456789 -" second line "QWE.TYIUOP", third line "XDFGHJKLM", and the bottom line "AX & CVBN?; R".

Over time, the rapidly evolving technologies and issues that often get stuck keyboard key has been overcome with better mechanical design. A number of alternative keyboard designs also come on the market. One that is quite popular is the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (DSK) made by August Dvorak in 1936. The design is claimed to be a design more efficient, faster, and egronomis.

QWERTY actually have many drawbacks such as making your left hand overload, especially when writing in English (same thing I felt when writing in Indonesian language). QWERTY also make your pinkie overload. Research shows that the uneven distribution of the letter so that your fingers have to cross over from line to line when measured finger typists will typically run more than 20 miles per day compared with the DSK is only 1 mile.

Unfortunately, people still refuse to turn away from the design of "QWERTY" although the design is not the best design. Even if technology can solve the key problem of jamming, people stick with the design of "QWERTY" design instead of a more superior. Instead, the QWERTY instead crowned the international standard in 1966.

The same thing occurs in Microsoft Windows. We certainly know that Windows is not the best operating system, whether it be in terms of safety, convenience, performance, until the matter of beauty. However, because the market penetration of Windows is too strong, people got used to using Windows and the operating system to be standardized.

Is not nothing better than Windows? Of course not. But people need to think about it a few times before turning away from these standards. They have to face barriers such as cost, compatibility issues, the learning process, the time factor, and much more. As a result the number of the faithful is much larger than an apostate. This is what makes Windows or QWERTY became the standard even though they are not the best.

In the scientific world, this phenomenon is described as the concept of path dependency and network externalities. In essence, innovation does not produce outcomes that out of the blue, but it is a development that could be predicted from a has-been. In addition, the value of innovation will be higher when it is used by more people. At a certain stage, the innovation will become the standard used by the public.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Unique Fact: Internet

Internet is not new to us. Little bit search on the internet, little bit search on the internet. Until there is a pretty funny ad from Indonesia's largest telecommunications company (you know the one ...) that the dialogue can not find on the internet is lost goat. Indeed, the Internet has been a catharsis that revolutionized the culture of the world community towards the information society. Indonesia is still lagging behind the internet about drifting had already started changing the world community.

Well, as an addition to an understanding about the Internet, here are some interesting facts about the internet:

1. Internet network for the first time beginning in 1969 as the ARPANET, which was built by ARPA (United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Some preliminary investigations are contributed by the ARPANET included a series of non-central Siwak (decentralised network), queuing theory, and Siwak exchange packet (packet switching). On January 1, 1983, ARPANET protocol to exchange a series of centers, from NCP to TCP / IP. This is the beginning of the Internet we know today. So, thank ARPA ...

2. Electronic mail or electronic mail (e-mail) first successfully transmitted between two machines is done by a taciturn engineer, Ray Tomlison at BBN one day in 1972. Previously, Tomlison has written a mail program for TENEX, an operating system developed by BBN, which until now still operating on the machines PDP-10 ARPANET. Besides, who also is a monumental Mr. Tomlison who discovered the symbol @ in your e-mail which is then used by people worldwide.

3. Based on ARIN and APNIC whois records, Internet protocol (IP), the first of Indonesia, UI-NETLAB (192.41.206/24) registered by the University of Indonesia on June 24, 1988. (Great UI ni also ...)

4. The phrase "surfing in the Internet" (surfing the Internet) first appeared in 1992 by Jean Armour Polly. The emergence of the phrase because of the Polly the mouse pad with a picture of the surf again, so he got the idea of ​​using the term was surfing for internet-related activities. Fits really call it, boss!

 5. September 4, 1956 IBM introduced the world's first hard disk. Hard disk size of two refrigerators worth $ 250,000 now, with the ability of 5 MB, or just enough to keep the songs in MP3 format. Compare that with today's hard drives have a 0.6 cm wide with a capacity of 400 GB! Well, if it is converted to IBM's hard drive, how much the fridge well ...

6. The first country to implement an online system in the general election is Estonia. Though the country is one of the poorest countries in the European Union. The election was held on Sunday, March 4, 2007, the total voters in Estonia amounted to 940 000 people. 

7. Blog (neither the weblog) is most likely the first page What's new on the Mosaic browser created by Marc Andersen in 1993. For information, Mosaic was the browser Internet Explorer first before there even before Netscape. Then in January 1994 Justin Hall started his personal website Justin's Home Page which later became the Links from the Underground which may be called the first blog as we know it today ....

8. A computer virus is expected to appear the first time in January 1986, touted as the first virus for the PC ever made. These viruses infect the boot sector of data storage media with the DOS format File Allocation Table (FAT). (C) Brain (the name of this virus) virus also known as Lahore, Pakistani, Pakistani Brain, Brain-A and UIUC. Businessweek magazine at that time called Pakistani flu. Believe it or not, the virus was created by two brothers Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi who was 19 years old! Brothers initially confessed to Time magazine that they made this virus software to protect their works from piracy treatment. The virus is even equipped with two brothers address the following three phone numbers to call, never miss a message that says that if the user's computer is infected then it is advisable to contact them for vaccination. When they start getting thousands of calls from people all over the United States, Britain, and others, who requested vaccination for their computers, the brothers are stunned and tried to explain that their motivation is not for the crime. They finally cut the telephone wires and regret having revealed their phone number from the beginning.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Google AdSense Kini Pakai Bahasa Indonesia

Salah satu produk Google, AdSense, kini sudah bisa dinikmati dalam bahasa Indonesia. Hal ini tentunya sudah sangat ditunggu-tunggu para penggiat layanan ini.

Setelah menampung semua masukan dari para publisher lokal dalam Program Google AdSense Beta program, raksasa mesin pencari ini akhirnya membuat AdSense dalam bahasa Indonesia.

AdSense bahasa Indonesia resmi diluncurkan secara luas ke pasaran pada Kamis (2/2). Produk ini merupakan salah satu produk Google yang biasa digunakan untuk memaksimalkan revenue publisher lokal dengan situs web.

"Kami yakin produk ini akan membawa pengaruh positifke pengiklan lokal yang pada akhirnya akan meningkatkan revenue ke publisher kami, termasuk Anda dalam jangka panjang," kata Google.

“Jika Anda memiliki situs web dengan bahasa Indonesia, kini Anda bisa mendapat uang dengan menunjukkan iklan Adsense Google. Untuk memulainya, daftar terlebih dahulu, kemudian kami akan mengulas aplikasi Anda dan saat itu Anda bisa mempelajari dasar AdSense dan kebijakannya,” lanjutnya.

Bagi Anda yang sudah memiliki akun AdSense, pengguna cukup menggunakan AdSense di situs dalam bahasa Indonesia untuk mulai menampilkan iklan kontekstual tujuan. Tak hanya itu, Adsense untuk konten mobile pada situs ponsel juga dalam bahasa Indonesia.



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